My Story

My Story

Ever since I was a little kid, I was overweight and as I grew, the weight only added on.

All my life people stared and made fun of me, but I tried not to let it bother me and would laugh it off. I didn’t realize just how much weight I had gained until I lost a bet and had to do 50 push-ups… only I couldn’t even do one. This simple act shattered everything I had thought about myself.

At the time, I was hired as a bodyguard. I was the guy who was supposed to protect people, yet here I was not even able to do a simple push-up. I felt weak and embarrassed. I felt ashamed.

I went to the doctor to figure out just what was going on and was shocked when I stepped on the scale and saw that I was 605 lbs! I never in my life thought that I could weigh that much. How did this happen? How could I let this happen? And then the doctor explained to me how this much extra weight was putting my life in danger and that early death was a very real possibility.

That was enough for me to make the decision to change my life so that I could fight for my life. I went home, threw out everything in my cupboard and decided I was going to eat healthy. I also made the choice that if I wanted to eat, I had to walk the mile and a half to the nearest Walmart and buy each of my meals.

I stuck to my plan and within 90 days I dropped my first 100 lbs. Today, I have lost about 350 lbs and am on my way to becoming a bodybuilder, something I never thought would be a goal of mine. Everyone told me I couldn’t do it and I’m proving them wrong and now I want to show that for you too, anything is possible!

For more details about my specific journey, how I did it, the foods I eat, the workouts I do, and what things finally worked for me then click here to read my blog about all the things I did.  I invite you to start making your own story, like I did, and show yourself that anything is possible.

Anything Is Possible,

Possible Pat


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