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Biggest Mistakes That Cause Weight Loss Failure

Losing weight can be a battle, and most people who attempt to lose weight often do so through multiple failed attempts. When I began my journey to finally lose the weight, it wasn’t my first attempt.

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5 Reasons HIIT Will Help You Lose Weight (plus at home workout)

High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) has been very popular over the past few years, and if you are participating in my I Am Possible Challenge, you’ll notice that your workout guide has an entire

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How to Keep Your Resolutions Going After the New Year

It’s three weeks after the New Year and by now if you’re like most people, then you have either already given up on your resolutions or are slowly falling behind. In fact, reports show that up to 60%

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How to Eat Healthy When You Are a Picky Eater

Whether you want to lose weight or want to live a healthier lifestyle eating the right foods may be difficult if you are a picky eater. One complaint that I often hear from people who are trying to lose

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The Secret to Your New Year’s Resolution

If you hope to lose weight next year, you are among the millions of people around the world who make a resolution to begin a diet and start working out. This is one of the most common New Year’s Resolutions

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My 7 Holiday Weight Loss Tips

The holidays can be tough to get through if you are trying to lose weight as it seems that no matter where you turn there is food to be eaten, drinks to consume and parties to attend. This can make it

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Why We Crave Sugar and How to STOP Sugar Addiction

Sugar is everywhere and can seem almost impossible to avoid whether you are eating a sweet treat or sitting down to a delicious homecooked meal. Often, we don’t even realize how much of what we eat

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Eating Fat Doesn’t Make You Fat… Here’s Why

Think you need to eliminate fats from your diet to lose weight? It is a common misconception that fat is bad for you and will make you gain weight, but it is a bit more complicated than this. You see,

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10 Simple Changes You Can Make to Lose Weight Without Dieting

Want to lose weight without being on a diet? There are so many diets out there, finding the right one that works for you can be difficult. There are also many diets that just don’t work, or will do

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How to Love Thanksgiving and Stay on Your Diet

It is that time of year again when we get to gather around with family and feast. If you are trying to lose weight, this day can be stressful as you are surrounded by tons of temptation. Although it is

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6 POSSIBLE Ways Overcome Gym Anxiety

Do you get anxiety when you think about going to the gym? You imagine everyone, already fit in their tight clothes wondering what you’re doing there and judging you as you walk in. You imagine people

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The Best Fat Burner?? The Answer Shouldn’t Shock You…

If you’re reading this, I am sure you are looking for the best fat burner on the market today. The fact is, the best fat burner isn’t really on the market because the best fat burner is you and the

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