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Possible Pat | Ep 6 |

Shop along as I retrace my old stomping grounds, drown in shirts that were once snug, and fit into just one pants leg of the jeans I wore when I weighed 600 pounds.

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Possible Pat | Ep 5 |

Possible Pat heads to the grocery store to pick up all the food he needs for strict diet.

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How to Navigate the Grocery Store with the Approved Foods List

If you have heard my story or read my first blog, then you know I began my journey by throwing out all of my food and walking to the grocery store to get each of my meals. These were the first steps I

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Clean Out the Junk in the Kitchen – If You See It You Will Eat It

Knowing where to start when cleaning up your diet and how to take action to lose the weight can be pretty confusing. They say that the first step you should take is to clean out your cupboard of all the

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Possible Pat | Ep 4 |

Life happens, but that doesn’t mean fitness has to take a backseat. Follow me this week as I show the true meaning of accountability—from crushing it in the gym and packaging meals to leading by example

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Possible Pat | Ep 3 |

My daily goal isn’t to lose weight, gain muscle, or eat right—it’s a trifecta of all three. Every day I am to become a better me. Forget words—real greatness takes action. Watch along as

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Possible Pat | Ep 2 |

Follow me as I retrace the steps of my walk to Walmart and remember what it felt like to make that trek multiple times a day at over 600 pounds.

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Possible Pat | Ep 1 |

I’m Possible Pat. I used to weigh 605 lbs. I lost more weight during my transformation than I actually weigh, 340 lbs. I’m going to tell you about my journey. I ended up having 3,000 to 3,500

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