Establishing Healthy Eating Habits For Your Kids

  • Possible Pat
  • February 19, 2018

For people with kids, it can be difficult to lose weight because there seems always to be unhealthy snacks around the house that make temptation hard to resist.

This is why involving your whole family in your health goals can really help you lose more weight.

When you get your family involved as you make the changes to your life, you will be more likely to stick to your plans, and you will create a healthy change within the family.

As someone who has kids of my own, I don’t want them to have to experience the struggles of being overweight like I did and I want to teach them healthy eating habits. Most people develop their eating habits by watching their parents and imitating the way they were fed as they grew up. As a parent, it is your job to teach them healthy eating habits so that they don’t face life-threatening complications that come with being obese, such as high blood pressure, diabetes, heart disease and stroke.

I hear a lot of people asking where they can find motivation, and if you have a family, use them. They should be your motivation. Do it for them. Not just so that you are around to watch them grow, but so that you can watch them grow into healthy adults.

Plus, by getting your family involved you help yourself and increase the chances of your success. When you are focused on the health and well being of your family, you are provided with added motivation and are less likely to be tempted by unhealthy food being kept inside the house. 

How To Create Healthy Habits For Your Kids 

  1.  Create healthy meals for the whole family. One thing I hear a lot is that the kids don’t like healthy food. They’d rather have McDonald’s, TV Dinners, or chicken strips with fries. This is where you need to put your foot down because trust me if your kids are hungry enough, they’ll eat the healthy food, and before long, that’s what they’ll want. I’ve had to do this with my kids, so I know that it can be difficult in the beginning. But trust me, it’s worth it.
  2. Let your kids into the kitchen. While kids may not always be the most helpful in the kitchen, you should invite them into the cooking process. Your kids will be more likely to be excited to eat the healthy food knowing that they helped to prepare it. They’ll be proud that they were able to do something for the family and they’ll be more likely to join the rest of the family in consuming the meal they just helped make.
  3. Make healthy snacks available. Eating healthy doesn’t mean the kids no longer get any snacks. You can still have healthy snacks around the house that are easy and fun. Provide them with sliced apples, carrots, or grapes. Fruit is an excellent way to provide a healthy snack that still satisfies their sweet tooth. You can even make the snacks fun for young kids by getting creative with them. There are many tutorials online to turn your fruit snacks into animals, cars and other fun activities. Sometimes, it can be ok to play with your food.
  4. Teach your kids where their food comes from. Educating your kids on where the food your kids are eating comes from can get them to become more interested in the healthy food you are introducing to them. You may even want to start a garden if you have space and let the kids take care of it. You can also visit local farms or a community garden so they can see vegetables grow.
  5. Be a role model. Kids learn by imitating the adults in their life, and if they see you eating healthy, they will want to do so as well. When kids are young, they want to be just like mommy and daddy, and this includes what you eat. They want to eat what you are eating, and just by simply eating healthy food, you will be creating a healthier mindset for your kids as they grow. This will lead to them making healthier choices throughout the rest of their lives.

When you choose to change your eating habits and start living a healthier lifestyle, you immediately begin to affect the people around you.

If you are on one of my Custom Meal Plans, share your meals with your family. If you are having chicken and veggies for dinner, make chicken and veggies for your family. Involve them in what you are doing. They may not be eating the same portions as you are, but the food that is on your Custom Meal Plan is healthy, and if it is healthy for you it will be for your whole family. There is no need to fix two different dinners for you and your family. Your Custom Meal Plan is a tool that can be used to begin making changes in your life and the lives of your kids.

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