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I lost the weight by finally hitting rock bottom and making the decision to change the way I live. It took me to be at my lowest of lows to realize I needed to make these changes. It was a hard lesson but I am happy now. I want you to be happy.
The prices range based on the program which you select. Each program has a specific goal which is cost specific.
You will receive custom workouts for you, meal plans specifically chosen for your body type and goals, biweekly check-ins, weekly coaching calls, and full access to me as your coach.
Yes, I am the lead on every single person who signs up with me. I will invest time and effort into fulfilling your goals and you will have direct contact with me as your coach.
I will reach out to you for a consultation and we will connect to form a plan towards your path for success. As we work together, I will be there for you every step of the way through biweekly check-ins, weekly coaching calls, and full access to me as your coach. I want you to succeed!
You do not necessarily need a gym to work out in. I am able to customize your program so that you are able to be successful no matter what you have access to.
The type of exercise you should be doing really depends on your overall goals and desired outcome. Core exercises are involved in all programs such as cardiovascular activities and muscle overload. There is no generic answer. Each person is different and will receive a custom work out plan to achieve individual success.
If you are located in the greater Phoenix Metro area I do offer in-person training at my deluxe personal gym. This is a secluded space which only my clients have access to. This gym has everything a big box gym has, just in a more intimate setting. It is cleaned every single night and kept spotless for my guests. I train out of this space daily.
We have developed a phone app that allows for online coaching on a personal level and you can take your coach anywhere! All messaging, programs and plans are locating in the app specifically for you. This app allows for next level communication and accountability to produce the results I want you to achieve.
You start by making the decision to change your life. I cannot make that decision for you. You need to commit to the changes you want to achieve and ready to get the results you desire. You aren't ready until you are 100% committed to this process. I will give you everything to bring you this success. I need your 100% effort in return.
Yes, I do offer you custom meal plans that are specific to your goals. Not just 'eat 30% fat, 40% protein'. That is bunk! I am talking about actual 'eat this in the morning, eat this in the afternoon' type meal plans. Everyone has a different goal and therefore has a different meal plan. This is NOT a diet. This is NOT a starvation plan. This is NOT a kill yourself plan. This is a meal plan for you to succeed.
I can guarantee you that nothing is going to change or work until you do. I can provide the guidance and leadership you need, but I can't do the work for you.

The Major Areas My Subscribers Struggle With

I recently surveyed my subscribers to make sure Team Possible was going to give them the tools and support to overcome their major challenges.

You can see their responses in this chart.

I then directed my team to make sure we are covering EVERY one of those areas.

They have been burning the midnight oil to make it happen, but they came through in a big way. 
If you’re challenged by any of these areas, Team Possible has you covered.