How a Coach Can Help You Lose More Weight

  • Possible Pat
  • September 15, 2017

I always felt very alone in the fitness journey. I felt like I was the only one supporting me and find it hard to stick to it. If you look on Instagram, it can seem like all of these people are just losing weight, eating healthy and it’s all very easy for them. But for me, it was a struggle. I’ve also talked before about how reaching out to a coach and asking for advice on my journey kept me going and on track.

In this blog you will learn:

If a coach is necessary for losing weight

What is online coaching

If in-person coaches and trainers get better results than online and remote coaches

How coaching can affect your activity levels

How long coaching can help for

If coaching is even cost effective

Is coaching essential in losing weight?

The short answer is no. For some people who start eating better and exercising the weight loss just happens and they don’t need the help. However, I’m not one of those people, and I’m guessing because you’re here, either are you. In fact, not many people are successful on their own because weight loss takes a lot of work, understanding, and more work. It can often get frustrating, and you feel like giving up.

That’s precisely the reason I got as heavy as I did. I had tried numerous times to lose weight but would get stuck and give up. In fact, even on my last attempt, I hit a plateau that took reaching out to another coach to break. I didn’t do it alone, and you don’t have to either. Having a coach can be the difference in not giving up.

What is online coaching?

Traditionally when you think about coaching, you think about going to a gym, meeting with a trainer or even going to an office to meet with a nutritionist. But there is a rise in online coaching from people who you speak with over the phone, via email, or even just through social media platforms. This is becoming an increasingly popular way to get help and support on people fitness journeys.

Which gets better results: In-person coaching or online coaching?

While it would seem that one to one, face to face coaching would be the most efficient way to stay on track. And it seems like it would make sense. You report to someone each week and have to face them and be accountable. But in person coaching, 1-1, can be expensive and not everyone can afford it.

However, remote coaching has proven just as effective in studies [1]. That means people who sought online support from a remote coach did just as well in progress as those who were face to face with their coach. Part of the reason the remote coaching works so well is that it allows for much more flexibility for you and your coach. So when thinking about coaching, remember that having a remote coach could actually help keep you on track as much as an in-person coach.

How does a coach help my weight loss journey?

There are several ways that coaching has been shown to help on a weight loss and health journey. The biggest part is the

Several studies have confirmed that the use of a coach helped in achieving and sustaining decreased the cardiovascular risk of overweight and obese participants in health and wellness programs [2]. When looking at a whole wellness approach to weight loss this is a significant benefit long term.

Another advantage of a coach is better weight loss overall. In a study of women in a 12 week program [3], the same length as our Custom Meal Plans, women who sought a support coach lose more circumference in the waist than those who received minimal support. That’s one of the biggest reasons that I added extended support from our nutritionists to our meal plans because the longer you work with a coach, the better you’ll be able to stick to the program and the better the results can be.

As far as activity levels, virtual coaching was able to support better results than no coach at all. We know going to see a trainer will result in them getting you to work out more, but so will a virtual coach. In a study where people’s level of fitness were set and supposed to be maintained, the group who used a virtual coach were able to keep activity levels up while those who did not use a coach saw a decline in physical activity [4].

Overall coaching has shown to improve results in people both in person and virtually when on a fitness, weight loss and health journey.

How long do I need to get a coach for? Can I afford it?

If you are determined to lose the weight, the goal would be to find support for your whole journey and after to maintain results.

This all might seem overwhelming and expensive to think about getting a coach, trainer, or nutritionist but it doesn’t have to be. The benefits of online coaching are real and the fact that trainers, coaches, and nutritionist can provide services to more people at once, it also makes it more cost-effective [5].

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