How a Meal Planner Can Help You Stick to Your Diet

  • Possible Pat
  • February 26, 2018

There is so much conflicting information out there about nutrition and exercise that it can be tough to know what really works to lose weight, or what works best.

For years I tried to lose weight without really knowing what I was doing and when it came time for me to decide that I needed to make a change I felt a bit lost. I knew I needed to eat better, but what did that mean?

I was able to lose over 300 pounds in the past four years, and now I am a weight loss coach and a bodybuilder, but I didn’t get here on my own.

Although much of my journey was through trial and error, and a lot of dedication, there came the point where I became stuck and needed some help. So, I reached out to a meal planner who was able to help boost my weight loss and get me where I am today. I learned a lot through this experience, including how helpful a meal planner can be. Had I of known this when I started losing weight, I could have lost the weight a lot quicker.

I made a lot of mistakes along the way, simply because I didn’t know how to finely tune my diet to work for me. Now, I don’t want others to have to make the same mistakes that I did, and this is why I offer my Custom Meal Plans. If you are trying to lose weight, I want you to start off right.

How a Meal Planner Can Help You Lose More Weight

What You Should Be Eating to Lose Your Weight

When I decided to lose the weight, I threw out all the food in my kitchen that was unhealthy, or rather, what I thought was unhealthy. Looking back, I realized I ended up keeping a lot of food that I believed was healthy and would help me lose weight, but in reality, did just the opposite.

For example, I kept my milk because I was always told that it was part of a healthy diet. It would help me build strong bones and help me lose weight. After a while, I learned that the milk I was drinking was actually stopping me from losing weight as I ended up hitting a plateau.

In the beginning, I conducted a lot of Google searches to try and help me learn what foods I should be eating, but the problem was that everyone had a different idea of what would help someone lose weight. Another problem was that I was listening to people who were trying to help other lose 20 pounds and that was not me. I didn’t have just 20 pounds to lose; I had over 300 pounds that I needed to lose.

Using a meal planner eliminates the guesswork because they will help you decide on what to eat for every meal and every snack.

How to Prepare Your Food

Once I began to figure out what I needed to be eating, I then needed to learn how to cook it. I realized that I was using too much oil when cooking my healthy foods, and I was using the wrong oil, adding on hundreds of calories every day to my meals. This slowed down my weight loss drastically.

And yes, I was eating more salads, but I was drowning them in salad dressings and completely sabotaging any attempts I was trying to make.

I never realized just how much of a difference these small details were. I didn’t realize how many calories just a little bit of added oil can add to a meal or that what I was using to prepare or season my food was actually reversing my weight loss attempts.

This doesn’t mean you can’t have oil and you have to eat a dry salad. Instead, a meal planner helps you to make wise choices when cooking and preparing your food so that you use the right seasonings, the right oils, and the right dressing in the right amounts.

How to Portion Your Food

When I started to finally lose the weight, portioning wasn’t really something I thought was going to be too difficult. To me, this was simple; just eat less.

Simply “eating less” wasn’t giving me the results that I wanted.

In the beginning, I lost a lot of weight pretty quickly, but before long, I was at a plateau, and I stopped losing weight. I knew I was doing something wrong, but I wasn’t sure what. After all, what I had been doing work up until this point. So, I cut down the amount of food that I was easy and expected to get back on track.

Not only was I more hungry than I was before, but I also was still not losing weight. I didn’t know what I was doing wrong. I was eating healthy made up of small portions, and I was exercising. Not knowing what to do, I finally reached out to someone who knew how to meal plan and could look at my diet and tell me what I was doing wrong.

And what was I doing wrong? I wasn’t eating enough!!

My whole life I was overweight and my whole life I knew I had overeaten, so to have someone tell me I wasn’t eating enough to lose weight too sometime for me to believe or understand. This was the exact opposite advice from what I was expecting.

My meal planner helped me build larger, healthier meals and before I knew it, I was losing weight again. I couldn’t believe it, but I was no longer hungry, and I was losing weight.

Today, I have lost over 300 pounds and have won my first bodybuilding competition. This is what a meal planner was able to do for me, so imagine what one can do for you.

All the Support You Need

With my Custom Meal Plans, not only do you get a nutritionist as a personal meal planner, but you also get full support for the entire time you are on your meal plan.

Your meal plan is based on your body, your activity level, your goals and the foods you like. However, just because your meal plan is customized to fit you and your lifestyle, doesn’t mean you won’t have questions or you won’t need someone to help you through it. This is why your nutritionist will be there throughout your journey to answer your questions and keep you on track.

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Hi, I'm Pasquale Brocco and I've lost A LOT of weight. When I started my journey to lose weight, I weighed 605 pounds. After visiting the doctor, I realized I had to make a change. I started with a simple plan and within 60 days, I lost 100 lbs. So far, I've lost over 307 pounds. Now, I'm sharing a simple message with you, "Anything is possible." If you can put on the weight, you can lose the weight.

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