How to Navigate the Thanksgiving Table

  • Possible Pat
  • November 20, 2017

This week is Thanksgiving and if you are trying to lose weight it can be a stressful time. Chances are, you are already thinking about how you are going to plan your day so you don’t eat too much and you stay on your diet.

I know I used to get stressed around the holidays because I didn’t want to ruin my diet, but I also didn’t want to be left out. I didn’t want my family wonder why I wasn’t joining in on the big meal and to avoid this I tried saving my calories to dinner and wound up eating way too much.

I’ve been on my journey for a few years now and I have learned a few tips and tricks when it comes to navigating Thanksgiving so you don’t have to stress too much.

How to Navigate Thanksgiving

  • > Don’t “save your calories” for the big meal. Your first instinct may be to not eat anything all day and wait until dinner so that you can enjoy it without having to worry about your entire day’s caloric intake. However, by skipping your other meals and waiting for the “big one” you end up doing yourself a disservice. Waiting to eat will ultimately cause you to eat more quickly and easily cause you to overeat, surpassing the number of calories you originally had planned for the day. Instead, be sure to eat smaller meals throughout the day so that when dinnertime comes you fill up quicker and consume less food.
  • > During Thanksgiving we often look forward to certain treats that we only get to eat once a year, so make sure you get to enjoy these foods! To make sure you enjoy these special treats without overeating skip the foods that foods that are less special. Afterall, why waste Thanksgiving calories on food that you could any eat anytime?
  • > Stick to one serving. It can be tempting to want to overindulge this Thanksgiving but when you go to fill your plate, only fill it with one serving. Once you have finished that, don’t go back for seconds.
  • > When choosing food try to make smart choices. If there are veggies to choose from, these are a great choice to help fill you up and if you are having turkey, go for the white meat because it is leaner and leave the skin off.
  • > Once the meal is over, chances are there is going to be leftovers and your host will try to send you home with some. If you want to take home leftovers, that is fine as long as you are aware of what you are taking. Leave the bread, potatoes, and anything fattening. Don’t take home leftover gravy or dessert. If you want to take home food, the best thing would be leftover white turkey as you can use this later as a meal prep to take place of your protein.
  • > When it comes to dessert, let yourself have some, but the key is to make your portion small so you don’t consume too many additional calories. Just because you are watching what you eat, doesn’t mean that you have to miss out on the good stuff and the family time! And, just like the meal, choose a dessert that you wouldn’t typically get to eat. For example, if your choices are pumpkin pie and chocolate chip cookies and you only get pumpkin pie on Thanksgiving, then have the pumpkin pie and skip the cookies.
  • > Finally, the last tip is to not be too hard on yourself. If you consume a little more than you had originally planned, or your slice of pumpkin pie was a little bigger than you planned, give yourself a bit of a break and tell yourself to do better tomorrow. As soon as tomorrow comes, get back on your Meal Plan and dedicate yourself to your workout routine.

Thanksgiving doesn’t have to be stressful and while you should be aware of the foods you choose and how much you are eating, don’t let it ruin your time with your loved ones. Family is important and you deserve to have this time with them, so enjoy your day and don’t stress too much. 

If you can, try to bring a healthy dish to dinner, that way you know you’ll have something you don’t have to feel bad about eating and you can share it with the whole family!

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