How You Can Make Time to Meal Prep

  • Possible Pat
  • January 15, 2018

“I just don’t have time to cook all my meals,”

Life is busy, and I used to think that I didn’t have the time to cook my meals, but honestly, I think it was really just an excuse that I was using for not eating healthy or making my own meals. It was always easier to drive through somewhere, order a pizza, or pop a frozen dinner into the oven. Between work and family, there was little time left to cook.

This is why meal prepping has become so important in my life. Meal prepping is when you prepare all, or some, of your meals at one time. This has been crucial to my weight loss because it left no excuses. Instead of driving through somewhere to grab a quick bite while I’m out, I can just take a meal I already prepared with me. And if I’m home, instead of ordering a pizza, I have no excuse not to eat the healthy meal I already prepared.

Meal prepping can make eating healthy easier, so making time for meal prep is crucial. Here are some ways you can make time to meal prep.

Pick a Day

Pick a day or two when meal prepping is the most convenient. Most people choose Sunday because they are off work and are able to make a little bit of time. If you choose to meal prep twice a week, spread the days out. If your first day is Sunday and your second day would be Wednesday. Soon, these days will become routine, and the hassle of cooking when you run out of food won’t be such an inconvenience.

If you have a calendar or planner, schedule your meal prep days by writing them in. This way you are committing these days to cooking.

Treat Meal Prep Like a Job

Meal prepping is important, and so it needs to be treated like it is. You make time in your life for work, family, and other important activities, but when it comes to food and our health, we make excuses rather than making time. But your health is important, and if meal prepping will help you lose weight, and even save your life, then it is important and should be treated as such. This means no more excuses.

Plan Your Meals

Instead of going to your kitchen to see what food you have and cooking your meals, plan ahead. Plan what you will eat throughout the week and pick meals that use the same ingredients, this way you have less cooking to do. This is where a Custom Meal Plan can come in handy, as you let a nutritionist help you choose what meals you should be making. When you let a nutritionist plan your meals you know, they will be healthy, and they will work towards your goals.

If you are using a calendar, you may find it helpful to write in each day what you are planning on eating.

Choose Simple Recipes

Make sure the meals you choose are simple to make. Your meals don’t need to be complex in order to be good, and often the simpler they are, the healthier they will be, as they will have fewer ingredients. They will also save you time and stress, as it will seem like you are cooking one meal, rather than a week’s worth. 

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Batch Cook Your Meals

When you pick simple recipes that include the same basic ingredients, you can cook your meals quicker by batch cooking. This means cooking everything at the same time. This doesn’t mean that every meal has to be the same, but rather it means choosing ingredients that can be cooked together. For example, bake a tray of assorted veggies so that you can have a different vegetable every day. You can also bake a tray of chicken and use different seasonings so that every day is a different meal.

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