ᐅ Is Dairy Bad For Weight Loss?

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  • October 16, 2017

Dairy can have a huge impact on your weight loss and if you’re trying to lose weight, you may want to reconsider your dairy consumption. A lot of people have been reaching out to me asking about dairy and whether or not it is bad for them. I’ve mentioned that I have given it up and so many are wondering why and if they should give it up as well.

The information on dairy can be conflicting, and we are told that to get enough calcium we need to drink more milk. Remember the got milk campaigns? They had us convinced that dairy has to be included in our diet for us to be healthy. Even the food pyramid that we all grew up with had a place for dairy, recommending that we had 2-3 servings a day for optimal nutrition and to keep our bones strong and healthy. But how true is this?

For years I thought that the dairy I was consuming was good for me, but little did I realize how much it was having an impact on my health. As it turns out, my consumption of dairy is one of the foods that was making it so hard for me to lose the weight and once I realized this, I cut it from my diet.

Getting dairy out of my diet wasn’t easy, and it took some time. I found it difficult just to go home and throw it all out. I loved drinking milk, and I really loved cheese (who doesn’t?!), and I didn’t know how I was supposed to just stop consuming it. It was almost like I was addicted to in, and in part, I was. I found comfort in the milk the I drank every day and the cheese that I was adding to my food. I enjoyed the yogurt I was eating, the very one I thought was helping me lose weight. For me, dairy was a food I turned to because it made me feel good, and I felt like I was being good to my body by consuming it. 

At the time, I didn’t know how wrong I was. And if you are on one of my Custom Meal Plans or have downloaded my free Approved Foods Guide, then you have probably realized that I don’t include dairy on either of these.

I’ll tell you why…

Once I removed dairy from my life, I was amazed at the results I was getting. I was dropping the weight faster than I could have imagined. I had no idea that my dairy consumption was holding me back as much as it was. Not only was I feeling better on the inside, but I was beginning to see the changes taking place on the outside as well.

In this blog, I’m going to teach you…

  • > What dairy is and why eggs don’t count
  • > Effects that dairy can have on your health
  • > The reason dairy may be impacting your weight loss efforts
  • > My top tips to be dairy-free
  • > Some dairy alternatives you can use instead of milk

dairy causes weight gain bad for weight loss

What Is Dairy?

Just like there is a lot of confusion on just how healthy dairy really is, and the impact it can have on your weight loss, there is also a lot of confusion as to what we mean when we talk about dairy, and it is actually pretty simple.

Dairy is anything that is made from milk. That means this does not include eggs, which are often mistaken for dairy products. The reason people tend to lump eggs in with dairy products is that they are often found in the same section of the grocery store.

The most common dairy products include:

  • > Milk
  • > Cheese
  • > Yogurt
  • > Butter
  • > Ice Cream

Is Dairy Bad For You?

As you can probably guess by now, dairy is not as good for you as you may have once thought. In fact, the majority of the world’s popular cannot even digest milk because they don’t have the ability to break down the lactose in it [1]. This is the sugar that is found in milk and milk products. If you are lactose intolerant, then dairy products most likely make you sick, unless it is a fermented dairy product like yogurt or butter, which most people who are lactose intolerant can have.

Even if you are lactose intolerant, there are a few reasons why you should start to ease off of dairy products.

So why is dairy bad for you?

We are all told that we need to drink milk for stronger bones, but in reality, studies show that countries that consume the least amount of dairy and calcium, actually have the lowest rates of osteoporosis. These studies even suggest that adding calcium to your diet may not have any effect on increasing bone density and preventing fracture, but rather it is vitamin D that helps support strong bones (2).  

We are also finding out that dairy products may be contributing to the development of cancer, as research shows the consumption of dairy increases a man’s risk of prostate cancer by 30-50% (3).

Dairy consumption also spikes insulin levels due to their composition of amino acids and in some cases, drinking milk can cause your insulin to spike just as much as white bread, impacting your ability to lose weight (4, 5).

If you are drinking milk and consuming dairy because you think the calcium that it contains helps keep you healthy, then you may want to reconsider your reasons for keeping this food around.

dairy and weight loss

Is Dairy Bad for Weight Loss?

If you are trying to lose weight, dairy is not going to be your friend and something you start considering removing from your diet. Consuming dairy can actually cause you to gain weight and destroy any efforts of losing weight to get healthy.

One reason is that dairy is high in calories and consuming too much of anything can make you gain weight. One cup of whole milk has about 146 calories, with half of these calories coming from fat, and after a few cups of milk a day, this can quickly add up.

In fact, over 4% of these calories come from the sugar content in dairy. We don’t often think of milk as being full of sugar, but it actually contains a rather high amount. This sugar not only causes weight gain, but it is also the reason many people can’t drink milk, to begin with.

Consuming milk can also lead to bloating, which can make you feel and look heavier than you actually are. This is especially true if you are lactose intolerant as your body is unable to digest the lactose, the sugar that is present in the milk.

People who are lactose intolerant lack the lactase enzyme, or don’t make enough of it, which is used to break down the lactose. This causes the lactose to ferment in the intestines, causing your belly to swell and “bloat,” along with other unpleasant side effects such as diarrhea and gas.

Another reason that dairy can make you fat is that, as mentioned above, it can cause your glucose to spike and this can lead to storing more fat. When your glucose levels spike, your body stores energy, rather than burning it off.

How to Go Dairy-Free and Lose Weight

I never realized the impact that dairy was having on my life or the fact that it was preventing me from losing the weight I was trying so hard to get rid of.

I hit a point where my progress stalled, and I stopped seeing results. This stunt in weight loss hit me hard, and I didn’t know what I was doing wrong. I was eating healthy and exercising, which had always worked for me in the past, but suddenly I just couldn’t lose any more weight. I felt stuck, and I didn’t know what to do.

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As I did research and I talked to people who were into fitness, I began to realize they all had one thing in common and that was they didn’t consume dairy, and at this point, I was willing to give it a try.

So, I began to cut dairy out of my life. I removed the cheese I was eating and began to lay off the milk.

It wasn’t easy, as milk was something that I always enjoyed, so I decided I was going to wean myself off of it, much like I did with soda. I started by drinking 2% milk instead of whole milk and then began to cut milk and other dairy products from my diet, every week and every day consuming a little bit less.

It was around this point I began to invest in dairy alternatives, swapping out my milk for almond milk. I even got my whole family on almond milk instead of cow’s milk, and we couldn’t be happier for the change.

Here are a few of my tips for going dairy-free: 

  • > Throw out the milk, cheese, and dairy in your house. If you think it has dairy in it, throw it out, or give it away. Just get it out of your house so that you are not tempted.
  • > Replace your dairy products with dairy-free alternatives. For example, instead of a glass of milk, reach for a glass of almond or coconut milk. You can also use these in recipes that call for milk. They also make almond and coconut yogurt alternatives so you can still have your yogurt and feel good about eating it.
  • > If you are worried about being able to cut out dairy, get on a Custom Meal Plan and let us do it for you. We will make sure the foods you are consuming are free of the dairy you shouldn’t be.

dair alternatives for weight loss

Top Dairy-Free Alternatives

  • > Almond Milk
  • > Coconut Milk
  • > Cashew Milk
  • > Hemp Milk
  • > Rice Milk
  • > Pea Milk
  • > Soy Milk (although not recommended)

If you decide to drop the dairy from your diet, there are plenty of alternatives out there. The most common alternative is almond milk, which can easily replace milk in most recipes. It is also healthier and provides an extra dose of protein. You can drink it straight or use it anywhere milk is called for

Another common alternative is coconut milk, and though it has a distinctly different taste for it, it is often substituted in foods that call for milk. Unlike almond milk, coconut milk has a sweet taste to it that can sometimes be overpowering for some people.

Let’s Sum Dairy Up…

Losing weight can be difficult. I know first hand, and while the decision to lose weight was easy, the journey was one of the hardest things I have done, but because I have done it, I know that it is possible if you really want it.

If you want to lose the weight once and for all, you are going to have to learn to give up dairy. And if you are trying to lose weight and nothing seems to be working, chances are it is the dairy that you are still consuming.

I cut dairy from my life during a time where I couldn’t lose any more weight. I tried, I ate right, and I exercised more and more, but the weight wouldn’t come off. Once I discovered how dairy was holding me back, I cut it from my life, and the next 50 pounds seemed to melt off.

I didn’t realize just how big of an impact milk had on my ability, or rather inability, to lose weight. I expected it to help me drop a few more pounds, but cutting dairy ended up boosting my weight loss and got me back on track.

Remove dairy from your life. Trust me, you’ll feel better, and you’ll begin to drop more weight. Don’t let this one thing hold you back from the goals I know you can achieve. And, if you need support to cut dairy from your diet, then please reach out to me on Instagram or sign up for a Custom Meal Plan and let me show you exactly what you should be eating every day to lose more weight fat. 

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