My 7 Holiday Weight Loss Tips


My 7 Holiday Weight Loss Tips

The holidays can be tough to get through if you are trying to lose weight as it seems that no matter where you turn there is food to be eaten, drinks to consume and parties to attend. This can make it difficult to watch what you eat and stay on track when there are so many temptations all around.

I believe that one of the best ways to lose weight is to remove temptation from your life, hence why I suggest removing all unhealthy food from your house. Out of sight, out of mind.

However, during the holiday season, it seems that people are continually placing temptation in our path.

For many people, this is the hardest time of year to lose weight because of all of the temptations that are around us and we don’t want to shut ourselves away in our house to avoid it. That isn’t a realistic way to live our life either. There will always be challenges that we face and we need to know how to get through these challenges.

Here are some tips to help get you through this holiday season, so you don’t sabotage all fo your hard work from this year:

Plan Ahead for Parties and Splurges

Just because you are trying to lose weight and watching what you eat doesn’t mean that you must hide away and not participate in all of the holiday celebrations. If you attend parties and know that you will be facing temptations, plan for it.

If you know that you will be eating more than you would typically, and you will be overconsuming calories, be mindful of the remainder of your day. Eat smaller, lower calorie meals throughout the day and plan ahead. Whether you are on a Custom Meal Plan or are following your own eating schedule, build parties and splurges into your plan. As you attend parties and allow yourself to partake in the festivities, be sure to keep track of what you are eating throughout and, remember, just because you planned for the night out doesn’t mean you should stop making healthier choices.  

If you already know what will be at the holiday part, make a “party plan” so you can plan out in advance the foods you will eat.

plan for holiday weight loss parties

Make Smaller Goals

Goals are essential to our success because if we don’t have goals how will we know if we are successful?

I’ve talked a lot in the past about creating goals that are small, direct, and achievable. Making a goal too big can lead us to feelings of failure and can make us want to give up.

During the holiday season, you may want to make some adjustments to your goals so that you provide yourself with more accountability. These adjustments can make your holiday season more successful.

If you are setting goals, but finding them tough to achieve during the holidays try adding in some smaller goals. When I say smaller goals, I mean weekly and daily goals, such as not drinking any soda today, or not surpassing a set amount of calories.

Keeping a journal handy can help you keep track of your goals and ensure that you achieve them.

Drink Plenty of Water

Most of us don’t drink enough water, and this can lead to overconsumption and cravings. Not drinking enough water can especially have an impact during the holidays as there seems to be an endless supply of food everywhere we go.

When you drink more water, you are less likely to overeat, and you are less likely to crave the sweet treats that can be difficult to avoid.

If you follow me on Facebook, I am sure you’ve seen me carrying around my Gallon Gear, and before I had this, I would carry around a water jug all day. When you carry water with you, you are much more likely to drink it throughout the day.

Take it Easy on the Alcohol

Drinking alcohol is never good for weight loss. It lowers our inhibitions, increases food cravings and adds empty calories into our diet. However, sometimes I understand that drinking happens, especially around the holidays as people get together and become more social.

If you are going to drink, be cautious of the alcohol you choose and how much you consume. Stay away from sugary cocktails and liquors. Instead, go for a basic liquor with a tall glass of soda water.

Sometimes we forget to count the calories we drink, and this can sabotage the hard work we put into watching what we eat.

Don’t Forget the Gym (or Your Home Workouts!)

Just because this is the holiday season, it isn’t an excuse to skip your workouts, whether they are at the gym or at home.

And, if you are planning to splurge or know that your diet may not be as strict as you need it to be, you may want to plan a little extra workout time. Be sure you are giving your workouts your all and really pushing yourself further so you can be sure to continue to see success over the holidays.

Things get hectic this time of year, and it seems that we have even less time, but don’t let that be an excuse for not getting your workouts in.

Make Healthier Choices

As you attend holiday get-togethers and the random holiday encounters throughout your day, be sure you are making healthier choices if available.

If there is food to choose from you can decide to choose better options. You can choose whether you have a soda or a glass of water. You can choose whether you eat cookies or from the fruit and veggie platter. You are in control of the things you put in your body, so if you are limited in your options be conscious of the choices you make and how much of those choices you consume.

Be Kind to Yourself

You have control over the foods that you eat, and the choices that you make. You have power whether or not you workout today or sit on the couch. You have control over the things you do in your life and whether or not you lose the weight.

However, we all slip up, and sometimes we make a terrible decision.

Don’t let this ruin your diet or your holiday season. If you mess up, own it, recognize it and do better next time. It is no reason to give up or tear yourself down. If you messed up, then it has already happened, and you can’t undo it. Instead, use it as a lesson and figure out what caused you to mess up, then do your best to avoid this in the future.

Lose Weight this Holiday

Following these tips will help you stick your plan and lose weight this holiday instead of gaining additional pounds. And while these tips may be helpful, remember, you are the one in control of your decisions, and at the end of the day, no one can make these choices for you. It is up to you to make the right decisions and take control.

If you have a support group around you, then you may find yourself leaning on them a bit more and if you are part of Team Possible you know you have a community to help you through any of your struggles and hold you accountable for your actions. Whatever your support looks like, let them in on your plans and your battles so you can find success over the holidays.

And if you are Instagram, be sure to follow me and let me know what you are struggling with and what your successes look like. I would love to hear from you!

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