My Top 3 Snacks for Weight Loss

  • Possible Pat
  • April 20, 2017

Did you know that snacking can be good for weight loss? Eat this snack and lose more weight…

I’m hungry. A lot. And that’s normal for a guy of my size. When I was eating a processed diet, the foods were more calorie dense, and I found that switching to whole foods required me to eat a lot more.

While this seems like a dream come true to most, it was also hard for me to control my snacking. I love snacks, and most people I know do too. I didn’t want to get off track with snacking and ruin my weight loss results, but I also didn’t want to be super hungry between meals.

In this blog, you’ll learn…

>   What you should do when cravings hit

>   My top snacks you should go to for better weight loss

>   When you should eat your snacks so you don’t gain weight

When the Cravings Hit

So I started looking for great snacks that would help keep my hunger under control as well as keep me on track to lose weight. Part of that was choosing snacks that hit my sweet or savory cravings. I also wanted something for when I got salty cravings.

We all get cravings, whether it be late at night, in between meals, or just when we are cutting out processed foods. And that’s ok! It’s not only normal, but it is also a great opportunity to help your body start craving foods that will help you hit your weight loss goals too. By snacking on the right things, you can start setting up great habits with healthy foods that are working for you.

Snacking is ok and you will give into cravings every now and then, but this doesn’t mean you should just be snacking all day long. When cravings hit doesn’t always mean you are hungry and learning to recognize the signs can help you identify whether or not you are truly hungry.

My Top 3 Weight Loss Snacks

1. Protein Shakes – It’s like having dessert except it won’t throw you off track. In these shakes, you want to add a quality protein powder. What this means is that your protein doesn’t have any added sugars to them and your best bet is to go with one that does not have any sugars in it at all. You also want to make sure that it has around 220 calories per serving so that you don’t end up consuming more carbs that is necessary. Your best proteins are going to be a whey protein, or if you want a plant based protein, go with a pea or rice protein powder.

2. Nuts and Seeds – I like cashews, almonds, and pistachios and these all have awesome benefits. They are super nutrient dense but are also calorie dense. Because of this, you should always weight them out. Set yourself up for success with one serving packets. I use Blue Diamond single servings so I can be sure to limit myself.

3. Veggie Sticks – Celery is my go to veggie snack, and it’s so strong you won’t even want to over do it. Even with a serving of almond butter. Carrots, broccoli, cauliflower, and any other veggies work as well. Do not count potatoes as a veggie when snacking because they are too calorie dense.

When to Eat Your Snacks

It’s important to know when you’re really hungry and when you might just be bored or dehydrated. It’s good to know the difference so that you don’t constantly snack because of dehydration. If you are fully hydrated and still hungry, then it’s time to reach for a snack. Eating too few meals or snacks can hurt your progress as much as eating too much. Before I was on a meal plan, believe it or not, I was not eating enough food to lose the weight and gain the muscle I wanted.

I know it’s a fine line that we all struggle with but that’s why I stick to a meal plan. Meal planning puts my snacks right into my day so that I know how many I get and what I can eat to still hit my goals. If you are feeling frustrated with guessing which kind of foods you need to eat, be sure to sign up for my free Approved Foods List to help guide you at the grocery store. If you’re in a position like me where you want to know how much, so you don’t over or under eat, then getting on a Custom Meal Plan can help you lose the weight you want to. It will allow you to pick from any of the foods you like, and show you how much of them to eat to hit your goals as fast as possible.

About Possible Pat

Hi, I'm Pasquale Brocco and I've lost A LOT of weight. When I started my journey to lose weight, I weighed 605 pounds. After visiting the doctor, I realized I had to make a change. I started with a simple plan and within 60 days, I lost 100 lbs. So far, I've lost over 307 pounds. Now, I'm sharing a simple message with you, "Anything is possible." If you can put on the weight, you can lose the weight.


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