Start with Walking – Forget About the Gym

  • Possible Pat
  • February 18, 2017

One reason people fail to lose weight is that they fail to incorporate exercise into their new lifestyle, which can greatly slow down your weight loss. Eating clean and cutting out all of the processed food and carbs will make you drop pounds, but without moving, you are only slowing down your progress and may eventually hit a plateau that you can’t move past.

In this blog, you’ll learn…

>   Things I did to avoid my fear of the gym

>   How walking can help you lose weight

 What to do if walking isn’t an option for you

>   The things I did when I finally entered the gym

How to Avoid Your Fear of the Gym

Perhaps one of the main reasons people fail to be active is because they are afraid of going to the gym. They have these preconceived notions that everyone at the gym is fit and showing off a lot of skin. For someone that isn’t fit, especially those that are as big as I was, this is extremely intimidating. Not to mention that when you weigh as much as 605 lbs, there are a lot of machines that you can’t use.

Another reason people like me didn’t go to the gym was out of fear. I was afraid of people staring and making fun of me. I was afraid of the reactions I would get if I dared to step into the gym, even if I was there to better myself. This fear kept me from going.

Luckily, I realized that I didn’t need to go to the gym to be active and exercise. All I needed to do was move, and at my size, it didn’t have to be intense workouts filled with exercises that were out of my range of movement.

Start to Lose Weight by Walking

In the beginning, my exercise was walking. I walked back and forth every day, for every meal, to the grocery store. And while it wasn’t easy, it was something that I could do. I chose to walk to the store several times a day.

As I lost my first 100 pounds, I didn’t step foot inside a gym and all my exercise came from walking about a mile and a half each way to the grocery store, every day.

Exercising doesn’t have to be complicated and sometimes beginning with simple movements is the best thing you can do. As long as you are moving, you are burning more energy that you would be if you were sitting still.

What if Walking isn’t an Option?

If you live in a place that is super cold, or you live in an area where walking around isn’t safe, then there are things that you can do right from your house.

Start by walking in place right in your living room or bedroom. One great time to exercise is when you would be sitting down to watch a movie or your favorite TV show. Instead of sitting, stand and walk or march in place. When that feels too easy, add swinging your arms or holding very small hand weights. Another variation is ankle weights for when you have been doing it awhile and want something more challenging.

What I Did When I Finally Went to the Gym

Once I was down to 500 pounds, I gathered up the courage to head to the gym and tried my luck. When I got there, I realized that many of my fears were unwarranted. The gym was filled with people who were fit and people who were not. Some of them were there just trying to lose weight, just like me. And they weren’t just dressed like the Instagram models you see but were dressed like people who just wanted to work out and be comfortable. Many of them had on baggy clothing, just like I did.

I still was unable to use all of the equipment that was available, but as I got used to going, my fears began to dissipate and I became more confident. As I became more confident, I began to lose even more weight and feel even better.

You don’t have to begin your journey at the gym. In fact, you don’t ever have to set foot in a gym if you don’t want to. Start with something simple, something that you can do. Start with walking.

If your grocery store is too far, walk around the neighborhood. If you live in an apartment, walk around your complex. If you live in the country, walk and try not to get lost. Whatever you choose to do, just move and be active.

The more you move, the faster you will lose the weight and the more confident you will become. Over time, the exercises and movements will begin to get easier and easier, to the point where you will realize that it is becoming too easy.

At this point, you will need to re-evaluate your exercise goals and set new ones, ones that make sense for where you are at. Even if your exercises are simple, they should still challenge and have some level of difficulty in them. Someone who only has 30 lbs to lose will not see the same effects from these same exercises that someone who has more than 100 lbs to lose will see.

If you are just starting your journey and have the same apprehensions about the gym that I did, then forget about the gym and just do your best with the exercises and movements you can do at home.

About Possible Pat

Hi, I'm Pasquale Brocco and I've lost A LOT of weight. When I started my journey to lose weight, I weighed 605 pounds. After visiting the doctor, I realized I had to make a change. I started with a simple plan and within 60 days, I lost 100 lbs. So far, I've lost over 307 pounds. Now, I'm sharing a simple message with you, "Anything is possible." If you can put on the weight, you can lose the weight.



Great Advice

Possible Pat

Thanks so much I’ll be sure to keep them coming! I hope I can help everyone


Thanks so much for this “lesson”. I am somewhat overly ambitious and was thinking the gym was the way to start. I was practically killing myself there doing cardio for 1.5 – 2 hrs often getting my heart rate up to 250!!! I have since began walking around my neighborhood here in Prescott, just north of u. I am hoping to not be so harsh on myself and look forward to the future results!


You’re story is inspiring. I’m hoping to get back on track and go for more than a day or two with a healthy lifestyle. Thanks for the motivation. Perhaps today will be the day. 🙂


Mr. Bracco, I don’t know if you truly understand, that you are saving lives; one post at a time, one video, one word at a time. I have over 180 pounds to lose. 180 voices discouraging me, 180 regrets and sorrows I carry on my frame each day. I want to be able to tell you that I had some epiphany that changed my life by reading your blog. But I can’t. All I can say is thank you for being courageous enough to start your journey. Thank you for being so humble, so transparent to share what you have been through. I know, I can’t think too far ahead because it overwhelms me if I do. But tonight, tonight I can do one thing you suggested. Just walk around the apartment complex. That’s enough to make me want to struggle to lace up my shoes and walk. Across many miles, many sunrises and sunsets, know that you are making a difference. Just knowing that you understand, that you’ve been there, and you just keep it real made a difference just now. It made a difference today; and today is ask I can handle right now. Please forgive me for writing anonymously. May God continue to bless you and your beautiful family.


You inspire me! I appreciate you humble heart

Boogaloo!!! ?

This sounds like some really good advice!


Thanks for the wonderful advice and motivation! This is definitely helpful as I strive to achieve my goals! You’re a true inspiration!

Antonio Brown

Thanks for sharing!

Jamie @WM Secrets

Great article! It really helps me to lose weight. it is just easy way before I get used to sitting after finish my work but after following your walk at home starting with 1 mile and then 2 miles and finally the 4 miles, I start to be motivated to work out every day. I start to lose weight which is good. Walking a weight loss very helpful always to lose weight.

thank you again


You are a true inspiration sir! Keep on doing and telling the good things. Ushhh


Thanks so much for this “lesson”. I am somewhat overly ambitious and was thinking the gym was the way to start. I was practically killing myself there doing cardio for 1.5 – 2 hrs often getting my heart rate up to 250!!! I have since began walking around my neighborhood here in Prescott, just north of u. I am hoping to not be so harsh on myself and look forward to the future results!

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