Stop Listening to “Fitness Gurus” and Do This Instead

  • Possible Pat
  • January 31, 2018

There are a lot of people out there today in the fitness space, and they are trying to help people become more fit, to lose more weight, to gain more muscle, and to lead healthier lives. Many of these people have good intentions and really do want to help others become healthier. I have a lot of friends in the fitness space, and they have helped to change the lives of thousands of people, but they are not the ideal person to turn to in every situation.

Most of the people I’ve been helping lose weight don’t just have 10lbs that they want to lose. They don’t want to know how they can get ripped and they don’t need to someone telling them how to gain muscle.

The people I have been helping are people like me, people who had 50lbs, 100lbs, 200lbs, or 300lbs to lose. I used to be over 600lbs, and so I know what it is like to carry around so much weight. It affects every aspect, of every day of your life and getting rid of it isn’t just about learning how to do better exercises or learning how to choose between brown or white rice.

If you are like I was, your struggles run deeper than that, and that is something most of these “fitness gurus” just don’t understand.

And I don’t blame them!

You can’t know something you haven’t truly experienced yourself. These “gurus” don’t know what it is like to feel embarrassed because they are so overweight that they can’t’ tie their shoes and they don’t know what it’s like to have a short walk leave them breathless. They don’t know what it’s like to have an emotional addiction to food. These people don’t understand the dependency that many of us have or the struggles we deal with. They don’t understand how lonely it can be to the point where you wonder why you should even try in the first place.

I’m not saying these fitness people don’t know what they are talking about because they absolutely do. They know the science behind food and why it works with your body the way it does. They know the science behind exercise and how to get people six pack abs.

And there is nothing wrong with that.

But you aren’t there yet. The goals that you have right now, are not the goals that they are trying to get, and their clients aren’t trying to get.

The struggles that you are facing are different, and you must first overcome the emotional struggles and the food addiction before you start to worry about what type of rice you have.

These people can be a great source of information and a great place to be motivated, but keep in mind that they often lack the experience that you are going through.

Weight Loss Coach vs. Fitness Guru

If you have a lot of weight to lose as I did, then what you need is a weight loss coach, not a fitness coach. At this point you aren’t looking to become more fit, you want to lose weight, and when you do lose all the weight, and you want to become fit, that is when you should move onto someone that is dedicated to getting you to those goals.

At this point, when you need to lose the weight, you need someone who can relate to you, understand your emotional struggles with food, and teach you how to eat better so that it works for you, and that is what I want to do. I want to help you change your relationship with food, recognize your downfalls, and help you get through them.

I want to teach you to create habits and learn how to portion your food… the right food!

Knowing what food to eat seems simple, but often it is not and many people I speak to think they are eating healthy but then do things to sabotage that healthy food without ever realizing it.

People in the fitness space talk a lot about cheat meals and cheat days and how they are rewards for the hard work that you have put it. The difference is that their cheat meals often look a lot different than ours because our traditional meals look a lot different than theirs. 

People that are already fit and this has been their lifestyle for years will have a slice of pizza as a cheat meal after eating healthy all week with no harm done. I remember when I was starting to try and lose weight I would try this mindset. I would eat healthy all week and then on the weekend I was so ready for my cheat meal, and so for a cheat meal, I would also have pizza… the difference was I wasn’t just eating one slice of pizza, I was eating a pizza and sabotaging all the work I did all week.

This is something a weight loss coach is more likely to understand that a fitness coach because the approach to entire process is different.

How to Find a Weight Loss Coach

There are two main options when finding a good fitness coach. You can either find someone local (usually through a gym, weight loss organization, or hospital), or you can find someone online, which can often be more convenient.

This is why I offer weight loss coaching online, and those who sign up can get a meal plan every month. You also get four calls with me, two group calls and two one-on-one personal calls where I will answer your questions and get you to the place you need to be to be able to lose the weight. I want to be here to hold you accountable and be there to push you when times get tough. I also want to be there with you to celebrate the milestones with you.

When I started to lose weight, it was really tough, and I learned a lot. Now, I want to help others achieve the same success that I have.

Click here to find out more information about one one-on-one coaching and whether or not it could be right for you. This could be the chance you’ve been waiting for to change your life.

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Hi, I'm Pasquale Brocco and I've lost A LOT of weight. When I started my journey to lose weight, I weighed 605 pounds. After visiting the doctor, I realized I had to make a change. I started with a simple plan and within 60 days, I lost 100 lbs. So far, I've lost over 307 pounds. Now, I'm sharing a simple message with you, "Anything is possible." If you can put on the weight, you can lose the weight.

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