Top 3 Questions to Stop Cravings

  • Possible Pat
  • July 13, 2017

Cravings come on fast and can often come on so strong that we can’t think of anything else. They can take over our focus until we give in. And often we validate them by thinking that they mean we are hungry. But what if there were a few ways to defuse the cravings before you gave in. Understanding cravings and whether you are truly hungry can help you beat them and stay on track to your goals.

When a craving hits, many times it can be other factors at work besides actual hunger. Asking yourself these three questions can help you decide if it’s true hunger you’re feeling or a craving that you need to defuse.

Here are the questions you need to ask yourself…

>   What was my last meal?

>   What was the quality of my last meal?

>   Am I hungry enough to eat an apple?

>   Plus, I’ll give you three options you can use to defuse cravings

When was my last meal?

Asking yourself when your last meal was is a good starting point for addressing whether you’re hungry or have a craving. If your last meal was less than 3 hours before, then chances are you just have a craving. Balanced, calorie appropriate meals, should keep you full for at least a few hours without having hunger pangs.

Often, our overeating is out of boredom or dehydration, rather than actual hunger. If you’ve eaten in the past 3 hours, make sure you are not just thirsty. Drink some water and see if your food cravings go away. Also, be aware if you are wanting to use food as a way to pass the time.

Food is also a very emotional resource for most people and if you’ve recently eaten but are craving food, make sure you are not doing so out way to seek comfort or pleasure. Check in with yourself and be aware of how you are feeling emotionally when you are craving food.

What was the quality of my last meal?

Another good question to ask is, was the last meal I ate something that could hold me over? If you had a meal that was balanced with whole foods with fat, protein and carbs, and enough calories, you should have enough energy to get through to your next meal without snacking. But if you are just having a coffee and a donut chances are you’ve burned through those quick burning calories, and your body is asking for solid nutrition.

When you stray from whole foods you end up eating a lot of empty calories and you could be overeating without even realizing it. Switching to whole foods will not only make you consume fewer calories, but it will keep you full longer. When you give up all your processed foods and make the switch to whole foods, you’ll be surprised at how much food you end up eating. So many people that make the switch literally cannot consume the same amount of calories from whole foods as they do from processed foods and often end up in a large calorie deficit. This automatically leads to natural weight loss with little effort.

Am I hungry enough to eat an apple?

If you didn’t eat in the last few hours and you had a balanced meal before the cravings hit, the best way to assess real hunger is to ask yourself “Am I hungry enough to eat this apple?” The biggest difference between cravings and real hungry is that cravings are often very food specific and real hunger would mean that your body would want any food available. Leaving an apple on your desk or picking it up when you have a craving, will let you know if you’re hungry.

If you pick up the apple but don’t want to eat it because you’re preoccupied with the food on your mind, you just have a craving. When you are truly hungry, you care less about the food you are consuming but instead are looking for a way to refuel your body. If you turn down a food that is healthy beacuse you want a burger or candy bar, then you are not truly hungry and recognizing this is crucial so you don’t end up overconsuming.

So how do you defuse the craving?

Here are Three Great Cravings Defusers:

Peppermint oil or tea. The smell of peppermint can help stop cravings and feeling of hunger. This is a great way to combat it with no calories.

Drink some water. Being thirsty can send the same signals as hunger in our body, and they can be hard to decipher. Have a full glass of water and wait 30 minutes before considering food again.

Take a bite of the apple. Sometimes the need to chew out of habit or boredom can lead to wanting to eat. Even something like gum can help occupy the need to eat and find a way to distract yourself from thinking about food for a while.

You’re not alone in having food cravings. When on a fitness journey, even the most seasoned vet can experience struggling with cravings. However, what you do when they hit can make or break your goals.

As long as you stick to your Custom Meal Plan, you should be able to begin to get your cravings under control, as your body will be receiving adequate meals made from whole foods.

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Great advice. I have cravings a lot. Some from boredom and some stress. I’m going to try that with the apple. Thanks.


These questions are awesome! And good Mommas have asked their kids these before. “If you don’t want an apple, then you’re not really hungry. Go find something else to do.” 😉


thanks pat I will definetely keep these tips handy!

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