Top 3 Ways to Stay Active During the Summer

  • Possible Pat
  • May 24, 2017

It is almost summertime, and that means it is time to get outdoors. Losing weight takes hard work, and it means you have to get up and move, and summertime is the perfect time to do so. There are so many outdoor activities that you can partake in that can be fun, relaxing and can help you drop the weight.

Here are some of the best ways for you to get out and stay active this summer:

Take Your Exercise Outside

Summer is the time to be outside and enjoy the fresh air. With the weather getting nicer that means you can get outside more to do different things. Now when I say take your exercise outside, I mean it in two ways.

If you do any home workouts, you can move them outside into a nice shady area of your yard or the park. You’ll just want to make sure to bring a yoga mat if you’re doing any exercises on the ground.

The other way to get in some exercise is just through normal activities like mowing the lawn with a push mower, gardening, or just cleaning up the yard and doing work outside on the house. After a long winter, the to-do list around the outside of your house can grow, so if you’re up to some weeding and mowing, there are a lot of calories that can be burned through simple yard work.

Go For A Walk

This is a great way to stay active during the summer. I suggest you take a nice walk by yourself around your neighborhood or at your local park. Walking alone can be quite relaxing and give you some much needed personal time away from your busy life.

Another option is to get a group of friends together and go on a group walk. The added company provides entertainment, makes you want to walk further to keep up with your group, and the added support helps make sure you complete your walk.

Join Group Activities

Speaking of getting with a group of friends to walk, you can also get with a group of friends to do other activities. Think of joining a park volleyball league or soccer league. You don’t even need to join a league if that’s not your thing. Just meeting up at a public tennis court or finding a new place to take a hike in your area works too. Looking out for activities you can do with friends in your area is a great way to change up your exercise routine and keep it exciting and keep you accountable.

Many public parks have open basketball courts that can allow a fun game of pick-up to happen between you and friends. You don’t even need to keep points, just getting out and keeping it friendly is all you need to get moving and burning those calories.

Plus YMCAs and local gyms that have pools are also great places to join group exercise classes with friends or just get a membership to swim together on your own time and at your own pace. This option is great for people who may have injuries that prevent them from doing activities that are hard on their legs or joints. Water activities are lower impact on your body and are a great alternative to walking or running outside.

While sometimes the thought of the hot weather can leave us running for the AC, the opportunity to take advantage of your yard, local parks, and community centers is at an all time high. Plus, it’s a great excuse to get together with friends and family who also want to be active out in the warm weather too!

The summertime is a great season to stay active, but staying active is only part of the equation if you are trying to lose the weight. You also have to be eating a good nutritional diet and this can be the hardest, most complicated part. Be sure to get on a Custom Meal Plan so that you can be sure you are eating the right foods in the right amounts to drop the weight and get real results. Don’t fall victim to the trial and error that I did. Save yourself some time and sign up for a meal plan.

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